Art & Sculptures

By Artist Abby Shalabi My love of art has inspired me to create multimedia forms of art and sculpture in every imaginable form and shape. This freedom to create has manifest into one of the largest outdoor art galleries by using fabric, pallets, metal sheets, recycled material, glass, foam, bark, branches, cement (the list goes on …) to design, shape and colour exteriors, air b&b interiors, eco splash pools, swings, furniture, outdoor barbecue areas, baths and showers and recycled sculptures. Each day brings new ideas as I “paint” the land alive. For anyone arriving on Sakura land strolling on the pathways or entering the accommodations offers a visual delight as both the interiors and exteriors are a display of interestingly massive, medium and small works of art. Sakaraland IS an art gallery from the moment you are greeted by the ‘colourful’ painted trees at the entrance to the quirky shapes and colours in all the modern spaces. Living on a nature reserve my commitment to clear Port Jackson trees (alien to fynbos) has taken on a desire to honour and recycle the trees into everything conceivable art form. In the gift shop my art, paintings and sculptures are available for sale. I have designing and built 7 uniquely diverse airb&b accommodations using containers and eco homes. At present I am exploring the creation of an installation to recycle bottles, plastics, discarded materials, tins etc. I use my vision to go beyond what I image is possibly living in peace and prosperity on Sakura land.


Kathleen Abdolaziz (Founder & Owner OrganiKa) My passion is for growing pesticide free, organic, fresh fruit and vegetables for my family, friends, staff, air b&b guests and gift shop on Sakuraland. I have the freedom to include medicinal plants (cannabis, lavender, sage) and distilling oils in my aquaponics project. I started aquaponic farming with three stations (tanks and barrels) that grow plants with only water and nutrients. The byproduct of my 100 Tilapia fish nourish the water that my vegetables grow in. This water then feeds back to the Tilapia fish tank providing them with clean, fresh water to thrive in. Aquaponic farming has brought me immense joy as the yields are high in a small place, in any season or weather condition. The vegetables are highly accurate and balanced in fibres, minerals and vitamins. Added to this the method of soil-less farming uses less water and when I stack plants vertically they grow fast, using less space and under my control of nutrients from natural sources, Talapia and underground wellpoint untreated water. The pumps consume little electricity when campared to lighting costs. As Sakuraland is self sufficent, off-the-grip solar and gas land I can be innovative in planting faster, healthier plants with fewer resources. My surrounding soil is chemical free, fertilized with chicken manure and irrigated from the wellpoint on Sakuraland. Olive trees, grapevines, lemon and apple trees in teenager stage are growing up as the entire area is geaged towards feeding bees hives that forage on the flowers, fynbos and trees in a symbolic utopia. Nature connection has humbled and fascinated me, arriving from the city a year ago with the frenetic mindset I brought to Sakuraland, only to bliss out in timelessness as I spend hours and hours and hours with nature and the gift of water, soil, bees, chickens, sun and growing organic food.