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Abby Shalabi (Artist, Investor, Designer)

Abby grew up in the middle east (Abu Dhabi, Dubai) finishing her schooling in Emirates. She gained international degrees in business management and a Masters in healthcare Informatics. She then worked at prestigious health care providers in Abu Dhabi and Dubai affording her the opportunity to work with high standard officials and organizations (The World Health Org, ICN, Arab League, International conferences) to name a few. Abby climbed the career ladder steadily and proudly, living life fully at home and abroad with international travel around the world.

In 2007, she felt the need for something completely new, different and exciting and decided to live in South Africa. In 2008 she moved to Cape Town and invested in properties. At this point her passion for art and interior design started to come to life.

In 2014 Abby bought 7 hectares of fynbos land on the West Coast. In collaberation with a friend their vision was to build a retreat and clearing of the land commenced. A few years later having established her homes, Abby decided to step back and explore creating art on a larger scale. As a result SAKURA Land was born - an off the grid lifestyle cluster of accommodations within a massive outdoor art gallery.

Her love of art has inspired her to create multimedia forms of art and sculpture in every imaginable form and shape. This freedom to create has manifest into one of the largest outdoor art galleries by using fabric, pallets, metal sheets, recycled material, glass, foam, bark, branches, cement (the list goes on …) to design, shape and colour exteriors, air b&b interiors, eco splash pools, swings, furniture, outdoor barbecue areas, baths and showers and recycled sculptures. Each day brings new ideas as I “paint” the land alive.

For anyone arriving on Sakura land strolling on the pathways or entering the accommodations offers a visual delight as both the interiors and exteriors are a display of interestingly massive, medium and small works of art. Sakaraland IS an art gallery from the moment you are greeted by the ‘colourful’ painted trees at the entrance to the quirky shapes and colours in all the modern spaces.

Living on a nature reserve her commitment to clear Port Jackson trees (alien to fynbos) has taken on a desire to honor and recycle the trees into everything conceivable art form. In the gift shop my art, paintings and sculptures are available for sale.

She had designed and built 7 uniquely diverse airb&b accommodations using containers, wood, and corrugated sheeting to create unique eco homes.

At present she is exploring the creation of an installation to recycle bottles, plastics, discarded materials and tins. She uses her vision to go beyond what she could image is possible, living in peace and prosperity on Sakura land, and looking forward to share this tranquil space with all kind of people who cross her path.